Web-Use Management

For Today’s Business Needs

Cyfin®: Enhanced Web-Use Analysis, Reporting & Behavior Investigation

Key Feature

  • Easily integrate with firewall syslog for data sourcing.
  • Converts complex syslog data into understandable human actions.
  • Highlights actual web browsing activity by removing background clutter.
  • Determines user session time online for accurate monitoring.
  • Ideal for sensitive investigations and proactive workforce monitoring.
  • Scalable solution suitable for organizations of any size.
  • Schedule and distribute reports with appropriate access controls.
Cyfin supports all major log file formats:

CyBlock® Web Security: Filtering, Monitoring & Reporting

Key Features

  • Advanced Employee Web Filtering.
  • Filter based on the Website content category.
  • Apply a filtering schedule by day, hour, or half hour.
  • Block general video streaming while allowing approved videos.
  • Block prohibited search terms from being searched.
  • Schedule and automate URL report distribution.
Deployment Options:

CyBlock is available in various deployment options to suit your specific organizational needs, ensuring flexibility and scalability.