Advanced Employee Web Filtering and Monitoring Solution

CyBlock® is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline web filtering and monitoring in the workplace. It offers a suite of advanced features that empower organizations to manage online activities effectively while ensuring compliance with company usage policies. With CyBlock, you can expect:

  • Advanced Web Filtering: Our sophisticated filtering technology blocks unwanted content, ensuring a safe and productive online environment for employees.
  • Comprehensive User Reporting: Gain valuable insights with detailed reports on employee web usage, helping you to understand and optimize online activities.
  • Control Bandwidth Usage: Efficiently manage your network’s bandwidth, preventing unnecessary slowdowns and optimizing performance.
  • Manage Cloud Services: Keep your cloud-based applications secure and under control, enhancing productivity and security.
  • Easy to Setup and Use: Experience a user-friendly interface that simplifies the setup process, making it accessible for administrators and managers alike.
  • Most Competitive Tiered Pricing: Benefit from our flexible and competitive pricing structure, tailored to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.
  • Very Scalable: Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, CyBlock scales to meet your growing needs seamlessly.

Additional Features:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Stay on top of online activities with real-time monitoring capabilities.
  • Smart Engine Machine-Learning Analytics: Utilize the power of machine learning for more intelligent and adaptive web filtering.
  • IP Segmenting: Tailor filtering and monitoring policies down to specific IP segments for granular control.
  • Easy-to-Use Admin and Manager Portals: Navigate through an intuitive interface designed for efficient management.