Cyfin and CyBlock Version 966 Launch – A Milestone in Web Usage Analysis

Wavecrest is excited to announce the launch of Cyfin and CyBlock Version 966, marking a significant advancement in our nearly three-decade journey of innovation. This release is not just an update; it’s a transformational shift in how organizations understand and manage employee web usage.

Decoding Human Action from Data: Since our inception, our core objective has been to decode human action from raw firewall connection logs. We pioneered the focus on providing a comprehensive picture of employee web usage, going beyond the narrow lens of security and legal liability sites. Over the years, our relentless refinements have set the industry benchmark for complete web usage analysis, making our reports the preferred choice for HR and management teams.

Introducing Session Metrics: With Version 966, we are proud to introduce our evolved smart algorithm that now generates ‘session metrics’. These metrics represent a breakthrough in monitoring and analyzing web usage. A session encapsulates a series of interactions an employee has with a website or online application within a set timeframe, beginning with the initial webpage visit and concluding after a period of inactivity or logout.

Why This Matters: This advancement simplifies how IT, HR, and management teams interpret web usage data. Understanding how employees utilize the internet is crucial for identifying potential security threats, legal liabilities, and shaping a robust compliance policy. This policy is vital for enhancing productivity while simultaneously mitigating security risks.

Commitment to Excellence: At Wavecrest, our commitment to excellence and innovation remains unwavering. Cyfin and CyBlock Version 966 is a testament to this commitment, offering unparalleled insights into employee web usage.