About Us

Since 1996, Wavecrest has been at the forefront of Web-use management, filtering, reporting, and analytics, serving a diverse range of industries. Our products, Cyfin and CyBlock, are not just tools; they are solutions born from a deep understanding of internet behavior and investigative techniques. Our commitment goes beyond providing reliable and accurate services. We delve into the intricacies of human behavior online, offering unique insights that empower managers, C-Suite executives, IT professionals, HR, MSPs, auditors, and more.

Trusted for our expertise in managing real employee Web activity, our products offer unparalleled visibility into the distributed workforce. This is crucial in today’s digital age for reducing liability risks, enhancing productivity, and controlling costs. Our approach is trusted by both large and small organizations worldwide, setting a standard in the industry for understanding and managing the complex dynamics of internet use in the professional space.

For more in-depth information about how our investigative approach and understanding of human behavior on the web can benefit your organization, visit our desktop site at www.wavecrest.net.